2019 World Book Day Fest – Towards a Reading City: Folktaleoscope

Our school was honoured to be invited to hold a game booth in 2019 World Book Day Fest (the Fest) at S.K.H. Holy Trinity Church Secondary School in Ho Man Tin on 27/4.

The Fest is co-organised by the Standing Committee on Language Education and Research (SCOLAR) and the Education Bureau (EDB) aiming at fostering a sustainable reading atmosphere and culture in the city, nurturing students' reading interest and helping them develop a reading habit.

With the theme of "Folktaleoscope", we sincerely selected some Andersen's fairy tales as recommendation for the primary school students and designed a meaningful Chinese language activity with the content of the stories we had chosen. Our librarians led the junior form students to play the games and had a joyful experience in reading.

A group photo of our student librarians to commemorate this special moment.
Our student librarians were instructing the participants how to play the games.
Participants were trying to put the paragraphs and pictures in a correct order.
Many participants were queuing up for the games.
Many messages from the participants were posting on the board.