School Events

Christmas Celebration and Green Christmas

Students enjoyed the Christmas celebration on 22nd December, 2014. The school organized a Green Christmas in order to raise students' awareness of environmental protection. Most of the students brought their own cutlery, reused the old Christmas decorations and ordered the right amount of food for their party.

A student brings his own cutlery and container for the party.

Eco-tour to Lamma Island

In order to promote environmental education to our students, an eco-tour was held on 20th December on Lamma Island. The planned route was a 3-hour hike. On the way, the tour guide introduced us to various types of plants and insects giving both teachers and students an insight into the fauna and flora around us. The tour guide also told us about the old houses along the way providing with us a historical background of the settlement of the island. We enjoyed the day very much.

Students are paying attention to what the tour guide talking about a type of plant.

Singing Contest Final

Every year on the Christmas Day, the Student Union will organise the singing contest. This year the students worked hard to prepare for their performances, in which they showed talent in singing, dancing and creativity. All teachers and students enjoyed the activity.

From the look of our students,one can tell that the performance of our competitors is so outstanding.

School Information Day

The annual School Information Day was held to provide an opportunity for our parents, students and the public to know more about our school. Teachers of various subjects and functional groups set up their own counters to provide information and organise learning activities for all visitors. In the guided tours, the student helpers participated enthusiastically to provide general information and answer the enquiries of the visitors. A parents' talk was held in the hall to give information about the basic entry requirements and school life to the parents.

Our Assistant Principal gives an introduction of our school.

Inter-House Soccer Competition

The activity was held between 9th December and 11th December. After an intense and exciting competition, the Red House got the champion, the 1strunner-up went to Yellow House and Blue House was the 2ndrunner-up.

It is common practice to take a group photo before the game!

School Picnic (F1)

F1 class teachers and students went on the school picnic in Wu Kai Sha Youth Village on 5th December, 2014. Students enjoyed themselves when they used the facilities in the football pitch, basketball courts, badminton courts, table-tennis and Recreation Room with their classmates in the Village. They also had a good chance to chat, and knew each other better in this meaningful time.

Students and teachers are taking a group photo.

School Picnic (F2 and F3)

F2 and F3 class teachers and students enjoyed the school picnic in Butterfly Bay on 5thDecember, 2014. Students were able to relax in an outdoor environment and spend time chatting and getting to know each other even better in an informal environment. An outing such as this really gives students and teachers a chance to form bonds.

Mr. Wong is taking a photo with students after they enjoy a self-service food.

3F Community Services

Students and the elderly from Mei Foo Elderly Centre enjoyed a memorable sharing session on 8th December, 2014. Students and the elderly enjoyed learning from each other; the students engaged the elderly in various activities whilst the elderly taught them some games of their childhood.

Class representatives are introducing the activity rundown to all participants.

1P Community Services

1P students visited the Richmond Health Sheung Tak House on 6th December, 2014. Students played different games with the residents and listened to their stories. They also learnt more about the daily lives of people suffering from mental and emotional distress.

Students are listening to the briefing attentively.