Project-based Learning and Graduation Thesis Presentation Day

Our annual Project-based Learning and Graduation Thesis presentation was held on 10th May 2019. All Form 2 and Form 3 students have started preparing for their project since the beginning of the school term. This year, the theme of the Project-based Learning is STEM. Students need to explore some daily life problems and try to solve them with scientific theories.

Students can learn various skills, such as co-operation, problem-solving and presentation skills through the project. All Form 1 students attended the presentation session in order to help them prepare for their work in the coming year. Parents were invited to appreciate the efforts of the students.

Our Form 3 students are ready to present their project about online shopping.
A Form 1 student is asking questions in the Question and Answer session.
While the students are explaining the scientific theories, the audience are listening intently.
Our Form 2 students are presenting their project about magnetic shoelaces confidently.
Students are answering their fellow schoolmates’ enquires after the presentation.

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