School Events

The TNK Makers Festival

The TNK Makers Festival was held at 23 March, 2019. Different subjects and houses set up their booth around the campus. Besides, a number of  workshops and competitions were organised to the visitors, including the House Robotic Football Competition, LED Workshop, Optical Fiber Ornament Design Workshop, etc. Our students enjoyed the activities very much.

Student were very excited during the House Robotic Football Competition.

TNK Maker Festival - SU Snack Booth

During the TNK Maker Festival, SU committee set up a popcorn and cotton candy booth at the school canteen. Our classmates and guests could taste delicious snacks on that day.

This fantastic board was made by our Student Union Committee.

"Talk to the Life " Sharing Talk

'Talk to the Life' Sharing Talk was held on April 3, 2019. The Chinese Disabled Art Troupe was invited to share their life experience.

The students arrived the Hong Kong Cultural Centre.

Dialogue in the Dark

A visit to Dialogue in the Dark (DiD) was held on March 27, 2019. The visit aimed to provide students with a better understanding of the difficulties of the visually impaired. A group of 8 students were taken into a completely dark venue for 75 minutes, followed by a debriefing session conducted by a DiD staff and the visually impaired tour guide. The message 'Sight is what we see with our eyes; Insight is what we gain without seeing' was conveyed to students.

We have fun during the visit.

CGC Visit: The Lai Chi Kok Fire Station

A group of students took part in a visit to the Lai Chi Kok Fire Station on March 25, 2019. This gives our students a chance to meet firefighters and learn more about their lifesaving equipment and techniques.

A fireman was introducing their lifesaving equipment to our students.

The Inter-class Noticeboard Design Competition

The result of the 2nd term Inter-class Noticeboard Design Competition has been finalized.

For the 2nd runner-up:
For Form 1, the 2nd runner-up goes to 1K.
For Form 2, the 2nd runner-up goes to 2D.
For Form 3, the 2nd runner-up goes to 3E.

For the 1st runner-up:
For Form 1, the 1st runner-up goes to 1A.
For Form 2, the 1st runner-up goes to 2B.
For Form 3, the 1st runner-up goes to 3A.

The 2nd runner-up goes to 1K, 2D and 3E.

2019 Hong Kong Robofest competition

The Design and Technology Team attended The Hong Kong Robofest on 29/2 and 10/3. RoboFest is a festival of international competitions and events with autonomous robots that encourages students to have fun while learning principles of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) and Computer Science. Students design, construct, and program the robots. Finally, our DT Team won three awards including RoboArts -the first runner-up, Robo Exhibition - the first runner-up and ROBOParade - the second runner-up.

Form one students are presenting the Music fountain project.