School Events

MTR Community Art Gallery Exhibition

Our students joined the MTR Community Art Gallery Exhibition in December. Artworks of students from Photography Team were exhibited at Mei Foo MTR station, showing the effort of students.

A passenger is looking at the display board.

2019 Fun Science Competition

Three students from Science Club and Team joined the 2019 Fun Science Competition held by the Hong Kong Science Museum and Hong Kong Association for Science and Mathematics Education in the morning of 16/2/2019 (Saturday). Students designed and built up their own car with programming by using micro: bit so as to achieve the target set and complete the competition. Students showed their passion and talent on designing, programming and problem-solving within limited preparation time.

He was building the car for the competition.

Alumni Annual General Meeting

The Alumni Annual General Meeting was successfully held at our school on 18th January 2019. The participants had poon choi together with our teachers that day. A campus tour was also held in order to visit our new library and know more about our school development in recent years.

There were a number participants joining the Alumni AGM.

Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2019

29 members from our scout troop joined Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2019 as a volunteer. It is our honor to have a chance to participate in such a big event.

The scene is incredible.

Info Day of Geography Department

The Info day of PLKTNKJSC was held on 8th December 2018. The Geography Department displayed various teaching aids, students' works and awards to the visitors. The Augmented Reality Sandbox which can show different relief features was also demonstrated by the student helpers. They all had fun in learning through the Augmented Reality Sandbox.

Visitors were curious to students' work and awards.

3A Service learning

Students of class 3A visited the Po Leung Kuk Padma & Hari Harilela integrated Rehabilitation Centre on 23rd February, 2019. Students played games and chatted with the severely physically handicapped people. Students had more understanding about severely physically handicapped people and their difficulties. They enjoyed the activity very much.

2E Service Learning

Students of class 2E visited the Po Leung Kuk Wong Chuk Hang Service for the elderly on 16th February, 2019. Students played games and chatted with the elderly. They learnt to have a better communication with the elderly. Most of the students and elderly enjoyed the activity very much.

Elite Cup Writing Competition

Elite Cup Writing Competition was held on 27th January 2019. Four F.2 and F.3 students joined the competition. They spent lots of time practising writing after school and sharing the writing ideas with each other. Finally, as a group, they got the 2nd prize in Elite Cup Writing Competition.