School Events

First Term Book Fair (2018-2019)

The first term book fair was organized by the school library from 15 November to 16 November. We aimed at cultivating reading habits among students and establishing atmosphere of reading at school. Different kinds of books were displayed, such as fiction, novel and biography etc. Students could enjoy and read the books that they like. The book fair was a great success since many students came and participated in the event.

Students are reading their favourite books in the book fair.

CGC Visit: The Civil Aviation Department Headquarters

A group of students took part in a visit of the Civil Aviation Department Headquarters on November 7, 2018. They also visited the Civil Aviation Department Education Path in order to learn more about aviation development in Hong Kong and the career paths of being an air traffic controller.

A guide was explaining the operation of the Hong Kong International Airport.

Singapore Outram Secondary School Visit and Academic Exchange

24 students and 4 teachers from Singapore Outram Secondary School visited our school on 12 November 2018. They enjoyed the school tour and the highlight was the friendly match with our school sports team members. Besides, they actively participated in the lesson observations.

A group photo was taken inside Irene Yu Lecture Theatre.

The OUHK Testing and Certification Programme STEM Workshop for Secondary School Teachers

A professional Biotechnology concentrated STEM training was held by the OUHK Science Department on 27 Oct. All of our Science teachers participated in it in order to learn more about the Biotechnology development nowadays and master the Biotechnology laboratory skills. This training helps to facilitate our school's Science teaching and provide a high-quality teaching to our students.

Our teachers were concentrated on the introduction of the STEM workshop (Biotechnology concentration). They were listening very carefully about the procedures and the principles behind the DNA experiment.

Theme of October (2018) in School Library – Horror Series

In order to enhance the reading atmosphere in school, the library will prepare a series of theme activities every month. The theme of October in 2018 was Horror Series. The library prepared two activities - Inter-class Horror Handcraft Competition and Movie Appreciation. The handcrafts made by different classes were in high quality. Class 1B, 2D and 3D were the winners of the competition.

Students were watching the movie 'Maleficent' intently.

2018 Boao Youth Forum for Asia

30 students and 2 teachers joined the 2017 Boao Youth Forum for Asia which was held in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The guest speaker gave a meaningful speech to all of us and we have a better idea of how the world goes on.

Students were on the way to the forum.

The 15th Annual General Meeting of the Parent-Teacher Association

The 15th Annual General Meeting of the Parent-Teacher Association was smoothly held on 2nd November 2018 (Friday) evening. We would like to congratulate all new appointed PTA members. Under the continued support by them, our school can continue to provide quality education to our young generation.

The meeting was commenced by an opening address by the Principal to express his sincere appreciations to the Association for arranging remarkable activities and cooperating with School on many events and occasions last year.

A Seminar for Parents and S3 Students - Preparation on promoting to SFC

A seminar about 'Preparation on promoting to SFC ' was held on 12 November, 2018 for all S3 students and parents. Ms Ng, the Vice Principal of SFC and Ms Kwan, the Careers Mistress of SFC gave an introduction and important reminders regarding the promotion to S4 in SFC in 19-20 and sharing on further studies.