School Events

Life-wide Learning Day (Science)

A visit to Zero Carbon Building was held for S.3 students on 23 Nov 2018. This activity aims at raising students' awareness of low carbon living in Hong Kong and promote students' behavioral changes towards low carbon living by providing them guided ZCB tours and educational program during the visit.

The staff was introducing the Zero Carbon Building design and technologies to the students.

MCNEC: National Education Assembly about Basic Law

A National Education Assembly for S1-2 students was held on 22 Nov 2018. The assembly topic was 'The relationship between the National Constitution, One country One system and Basic Law'. It aims at enriching students' knowledge and concept about National Constitution, One country One system and Basic Law.

The Vice-Principal Ms. Siu gave a Pennant to the guest to express our gratitude for his coming.

Theme of November (2018) in School Library – 'Traveling'

In order to enhance the reading atmosphere in school, the library will prepare a series of theme activities every month. 'Traveling' is the theme of November 2018. The library has prepared many excellent books in tourism and three activities for students-Thematic Book Exhibition, Game Booth and Inter-class Writing Competition. The writings by every student are in high quality. Besides, all students enjoyed the game booths and learned much trivia about tourism.

The student librarians were ready to hold the game booth.

F.3 School Picnic

F3 class teachers and students enjoyed the school picnic in Tai Mo Shan Country Park on 9th November, 2018. Students were able to relax in an outdoor environment and spend time on chatting and getting to know more about each other.

Students enjoyed their barbecue.

2018-2019 Inter-House Volleyball Competition

The Inter-House Volleyball Competition was held between12th and 14th November. Kabarda House won the champion, Pegasus House got the first runner-up and Leopard House got the second runner-up.

The competitors tried their very best.

S1 School Picnic Day

The school picnic (F.1) was scheduled on November 9 this year. All Form 1 students went to Tai Mei Tuk Barbecue Area that day. Surrounded by hills and trees, the barbecue site is a fantastic spot for students to enjoy the nature. The picnic provides a chance for both students and teachers to relax and spend time chatting and getting to know each other.

Ms. Lai and students from her class pose for a photo around their barbecue pit.

PTA Joint-School Activity Day

The PTA Joint-School Activity Day was held to foster the relationship between students, parents and teachers from TNK and SFC. The activity was held on 17 November, 2018. We visited the Fanling Ping Che Strawberry Farm, Kingdom of Bee and Kam Sheung Road Organic Farm. We enjoyed the lunch in a restaurant in Lau Fau Shan. All participants enjoyed the activity very much.

The participants took a picture in front of the Fanling Ping Che Strawberry Farm.