English Ambassador - English Social Project Workshop

With the generous support and guidance from the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and GENSUS, '5-in-5 program' kicked off with our enthusiastic English Ambassadors in school in mid February. The programme comprises of a series of workshops introducing a brand new concept 'Design Thinking'. The aim is to guide English Ambassdors to create social projects to help the peer and primary students in Hong Kong to learn English. It was an exciting start and we hope to see them grow with self-confidence and self-worth.

The teacher was introducing a new concept called Design Thinking to our English Ambassadors.
The teacher used a self-created board games called Dinoseacat to illustrate the concept of Design Thinking.
English Ambassadors were divided into groups and they were commenting on the advantages and disadvantages of the Design Thinking.
English Ambassadors were working on the evaluation of the Design Thinking seriously.
English Ambassadors were discussing the pros and cons of the Design Thinking actively.

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