3-day Biotechnology Tasting Programme

In order to promote the implementation of the Biotechnology Education in our school, the Science Department organized a 3-day tasting programme and invited primary students to have a trial before they enter into the secondary school. The programme includes the introduction of Biotechnology, micro-organisms, DNA & RNA, and DNA electrophoresis and the theory of DNA fingerprinting, which is widely used in forensic science. In this programme, primary students are able to use Bunsen burner, Microscope and Micropipette in a proper way. Students enjoyed a lot in this programme.

Student helpers teach guest students how to use the microscope.
Primary students are trying to put the cover slip on the slide that containing yogurt smear.
The tiny glass bottle containing DNA of strawberries, extracted by guest students, served as a souvenir.
Guest students are drawing their observations on the booklet provided.
Guest students correctly use a micropipette to draw the DNA sample into the agarose gel, waiting for electrophoresis.