5-Day STEM Summer Programme for Gifted Students

In order to extend the learning of gifted students in science and technology beyond the regular classrooms, our STEM subjects (Science, Computer Literacy and Design and Technology) have jointly organized a 5-Day Summer Programme for school team members, with "Smart City: Environmental Protection" as the theme. We were grateful to have Clean Air Network, an NGO that concerns about air pollution, providing us with a fruitful workshop on measuring pollutants in air. Under the guidance of Professor W.H. Chan, Professor Emeritus, Department of Chemistry, Hong Kong Baptist University, students collected samples from the school campus and tested the concentration of nitrogen oxides so as to measure the level of air pollution at the school. Students have also enjoyed interactive and fun robotics and coding workshop at the Hong Kong Science Park and at school, where more advanced programming skills were introduced to them. Finally, students worked in groups to design a device to measure weather information at the school campus. Hopefully, we can utilize these environmental data to arouse teachers and students' awareness about pollution and act to make our living environment better.

Professor Chan explains to students the procedures of the experiment and theories behind.
Students prepare the standard solution for the experiment very carefully.
Students are having fun at the robotics workshop at the HKSTP.
Students learn to make a simple gaming machine at the coding workshop.
Students have enjoyed a fruitful 5-day programme and successfully made their weather device.