Author Talk – Mr. Daneil Cheung

The School Library invited Mr. Daneil Cheung, a travel blogger and reporter, to deliver a talk for 25 students in the self-study room after school on 29 May. Mr. Cheung shared his unforgettable experiences of traveling and writing during the talk, he encouraged students to broaden their horizons by visiting different countries and cultures. Students found the talk meaningful. After the talk, students chatted and shared their travel experience with Mr. Cheung and got a lot of inspirations and ideas from him.

A student is welcoming and introducing our guest speaker – Mr. Cheung.
Mr. Cheung is sharing his travel experiences with our students together with photos and videos.
Mr. Cheung is sharing some useful writing skills with our students.
Students are listening attentively.
Students are taking a group photo with Mr. Cheung.