Dialogue in the Dark

A visit to Dialogue in the Dark (DiD) was held on March 27, 2019. The visit aimed to provide students with a better understanding of the difficulties of the visually impaired. A group of 8 students were taken into a completely dark venue for 75 minutes, followed by a debriefing session conducted by a DiD staff and the visually impaired tour guide. The message 'Sight is what we see with our eyes; Insight is what we gain without seeing' was conveyed to students.

We have fun during the visit.
23 students joined the visit to experience the difficulties of the visually impaired.
A man who is visually impaired was having a sharing session with the students.
We have an impressive experience during the visit and learn how to communicate with people who have physical impairments.
One of the students is having a role-play with the instructor.