Gifted Education Teachers Network

Gifted education is one of our focus in academic development. Building on the success of our various school teams at the pull-out level, we are devoted to strengthen our gifted education development at the regular classroom level, in order to fulfill our goal of "Gifted Education for All". Teachers from different subjects have participated actively in professional networks with other schools, to share our teaching practice and learn from other schools' experiences at the same time. Numerous open lessons and sharing sessions have been conducted by our teachers throughout this year. With the unceasing efforts of our teachers, we hope that there can be more opportunities for our students to have the talents discovered and potential unleashed.

Students are working attentively in an LS open lesson on ecotourism.
Our LS Department have had a fruitful exchange with teachers from SKH Bishop Baker Secondary School after a lesson observation.
Miss Poon shares her lesson try-out with teachers from other schools.
Mr. Lo introduces his lesson design in Form 1 Math class to teachers.
Network teachers from both primary and secondary schools share their views after observing Mr. Yeung's Form 1 LS lessons.