The Good Book Recommendation Talk

The School Library invited Ms. Fan Kien Mei, an experienced teacher, to deliver a good book recommendation talk to all Form One students during the assembly session on 7 May.

Ms. Fan encouraged our students to foster a good reading habit and recommended a tailor-made book list for them. Ms. Fan shared the most exciting part of each book and successfully raised students' interest in reading the books.

Students found the talk interesting and inspiring. After the talk, the recommended books were displayed in the School Library and many students went there to borrow them to read at home.

Ms. Fan is showing one of the recommended books to our students.
Our student is introducing the guest speaker, Ms. Fan Kien Mei.
Students found the talk attractive.
Students are curious about the book that Ms. Fan introduced.
Our Vice-principal, Ms. Siu Pui Yin is presenting the flag to our guest speaker.