Leopard House AGM 2017-2018

The Annual General Meeting of Leopard House was held in the Student Activity Room on 19 September, 2017. We are glad to see that the committee members were well-prepared for the AGM.

The House captain and committee members introduced themselves and the House teachers to all House members. Then, they introduced the activities and invited the House members to participate and help in various activities.There will be many house activities this year. We hope that all house members will enjoy and participate actively in the activities.

The Leopard House Advisor and Vice House Advisor are supporting the House Committee.
The Leopard House captain and committee members are ready!
Our Leopard House captain and committee members are introducing the coming house activities.
Leopard House  student members are listening to the presentation attentively.
The Leopard House committee members are posing for a photo together after the House AGM.