SFC-JSC Alumni Sharing Session 2018

A SFC-JSC alumni sharing session was conducted on 26 April 2018. Around 25 KTC students representing different elective subjects shared the information, opinion and factors for consideration with S3 students in JSC about their studies, elective choices and transitioning to life after entering KTC.

5A Chan Hei Lam and Tai Hiu Yi, 5D Chik Wai Chak and 5F Chu Kin Hang are giving students tips on studying Chinese History and Biology.
5A Lee Chak Hin and Cheung Chun Hei, 5B Kam Hoi Kit, 5C Li Yiu Wah and 5F Tam Yi Ling are giving students an overview of studying Physics, Chemistry, Economics and Chinese Literature.
5A Au Pak Wai, Chow Wing Tung and Chung Hiu Ting, 5B Mak Shing Chun and 5D Ming Ka Man are sharing with students some important factors for selecting electives.
5A Mark Siu Yi and Chi Hoi Kwan, 5C Chan Kin Wang and 5D Lau In Tung are discussing how to choose a suitable elective with 3C students.
Thank all alumni who participated in the sharing session!