Theme of May (2019) in School Library – Detective Fiction

In order to enhance the reading atmosphere in school, the library prepares a series of themed activities every month. The theme of May in 2019 is 'Detective Fiction'. The library has prepared many excellent detective fictions and two activities for students. The library first organized a game booth during lunch recess on 17th May. In the game, students were asked to solve some logical reasoning problems. On 31st May, the library organized an inter-class competition about crimes. The representatives of each class are played as detectives and needed to solve some problems related to crimes with their insight and observation. The group formed by 1D, 2D and 3D students won the competition finally.

The class representatives are listening to the questions intently.
It is not an easy job to solve the questions.
The class representatives are answering the questions actively.
The group formed by 1D, 2D and 3D students won the inter-class competition.
The boy is getting some ideas from the books before answering the logical reasoning questions.