Theme of February in School Library – Chinese Culture

In order to enhance the reading atmosphere in the school, the library organizes a series of theme-based activities every month this year. The fifth theme of this year is the Chinese Culture. We mainly focus on promoting the traditional culture and customs of the Chinese New Year.

The library has prepared different books and reading materials for our students, some of the books are written by famous Chinese Literature and History masters. The library also held some game booths in the library during lunch recess on 9 February 2018. The games were mainly about the traditional customs and Chinese Zodiac. Students enjoyed the games and were excited to know more about the customs.

Interesting games were prepared for our students in the library.
Students were guessing the meaning of the traditional customs.
The student librarians were helping to check the answers.
The Library teacher was guiding students on how to play the game.
Did the boys get the correct answers?