Theme of January in School Library – Fantasy Literature

In order to enhance the reading atmosphere in the school, the library organizes a series of theme-based activities every month this year. The fourth theme of this year is Fantasy Literature. The library has prepared many books of fantasies for our students. For example, "Harry Potter", "The Lord of the Rings", "The Chronicles of Narnia" etc. The library has also perpared a Q&A worksheet so as to encourage students to read more and know more. It was great that many students got all correct answers for the worksheet.

The student librarians dressed up as wizards and were ready to distribute the worksheets to the students.
The wizards were explaining the game rules and worksheets to the students.
The students were surprised and excited when they saw the wizards during the reading session.
The actors were getting ready to take to promotional video.
The library has prepared a reading corner for fantasy literature.