Extra & Cross Curricular Activitives Committee

Extra & Cross Curricular Activitives Committee


ECCAC Committee Members

Master:        Mr. Wong Tung Ming

Members:         Mr. Cheng Yuk

Ms. Lee Cheuk Hang

Ms. Liu Jiawen

Mr. Liu Tin Wai

Ms. Siu Wing Ngan Ashley

Mr. Chow Man Chung     

G.O. Assistant:  Ms. Fung Ka Yu 

Mr. Chau Siu Man


  1. Aims
    1. To raise students’ self-regulated abilities;
    2. To raise students’ sense of achievement;
    3. To strengthen the cooperation and bridging with the Senior Form College
    4. To take care of students’ different developmental needs;
    5. To provide opportunities for students to learn to communicate, to co-operate with others and in addition to enrich their life experience;
    6. To provide opportunities for students to organize ECA to gain first-hand experience of programme planning and leadership;
    7. To discover and develop students’ potential;
    8. To reinforce classroom learning and allow students to put their knowledge and skills into practice;
    9. To facilitate the teaching of certain skills and values which may present difficulties in a formal classroom;
    1. To offer opportunities for students to broaden their social experience, to practice their social skills and the internationalization values



Program Plan

Plans to be implemented

Coordinating School Teams


  • Participating in inter-school / open competitions
  • Creativity Thinking Team
  • Safety & First-aid Team
  • Uniform team - Scout
  • Uniform team - St. John Ambulance
  • Taekwondo

Broadening students’ exposure to English and other language and explore students to the world


  • Organizing overseas exchange programs

Knowing students’ characteristics and ability, providing various support and adjustments by strengthening the nurturing for the gifted students


  • 12-session interest classes
  • Wushu Training Course
  • Tea Culture Club
  • Creative and Innovative Entrepreneurship and Maker Fortnight
  • Entrepreneurship and Maker Open Market


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