Message from the Principal

Since the 2007/08 school year, TNK Junior Secondary College and Vicwood KT Chong Sixth Form College have joined forces to operate as a through-train aided secondary school serving students from JS1 to SS3. All students completing their junior secondary education in TNK College will be able to continue their senior secondary studies in Vicwood KT Chong Sixth Form College. As both schools share the same mission and goals and are managed by the same school sponsoring body, the through-train arrangement allows students to benefit from their close connection and partnership, and develop into well-rounded individuals by making the best progress they can. As in previous years, teachers of both schools will continue to make joint efforts at enhancing the cohesion between their curriculum and student support services so as to meet students' needs during their different stages of development. Staff of both schools actively engage themselves in regular professional exchange of experience and close monitoring of students' progress through joint meetings, lesson observations and professional development activities.


To maximize students' benefits from our partnership with Vicwood KT Chong Sixth Form College, our school has placed a strong emphasis on their development of English language skills so as to better prepare them for learning content subjects using English as the medium of instruction. We offer a rich and varied programme, with vertical articulation maintained in the curriculum for students' smooth transition to their senior secondary life. We run a school-based programme of Liberal Studies, and give students ample opportunities for developing project learning skills, the Project Learning Fortnight is one such example. Our school-based A.C.T. (Awareness, Communication and Thinking) curriculum can help students develop multiple intelligences, higher order thinking and communication skills. To enable students to have a good mastery of academic skills and knowledge, we have adopted a range of strategies, including small class teaching and additional native-speaking English teachers, and tapped resources through our partnership with external and professional educational institutions. A broad array of support measures and enrichment activities have also been provided for enhancing students' personal and social development. Being in a school with only JS1 to JS3 classes means students have more opportunities for taking responsibility, self-management, making decisions, and learning from a wide range of roles usually reserved for more senior students.


Vicwood KT Chong Sixth Form College has provided strong support for students of TNK Junior Secondary College to work towards a clear progression in their studies and development. Through the "Joint School Reading Scheme", senior secondary students design and lead games and activities to share their reading experience and enhance interest in reading among our junior students. The senior students in the "Big Brothers and Big Sisters Scheme" also provide peer support and guidance for our students to increase self-knowledge and to develop team spirit in addition to helping them with homework and the learning of English.


Through its focused and dedicated teaching and student support, Vicwood KT Chong Sixth Form College has acquired rich experience and an exemplary track record in preparing students well for their next stage of development. As an EMI school where over 95% of its graduates are admitted to university programmes, its success in realizing students' full potential is the inspiration underlying our resolve to develop into its matching partner as a successful junior secondary college. The through-train partnership will surely bring out the best of both schools, and go a long way towards providing quality education for all our students.


The Principal