New Book Conference for Resource Package on "Biotechnology Education Programme" (5 July 2023)

Our school received funding from the Quality Education Fund from 2020 to 2022 to implement a school-based STEAM education biotechnology popularization education development plan for secondary one to secondary three grades. The course content includes introducing basic biological knowledge, increasing students' basic understanding of biotechnology through lectures and experiments, and inspiring students' interest in biotechnology. The above biotechnology teaching materials have been optimized, integrated and published in a finished volume, including handouts, experiment manuals, extended experiments, technical videos and AR applications, etc. Schools can refer to the practical experience of this program to formulate their STEAM education development strategies.

Our new book "Biotechnology Education Programme"
Book author Dr. Chan Ka Yee and Mr. Kwan Siu Ming with QEF representative
Teachers purchased our new book in the new book conference.
Audience from different schools attending the new book conference
Participants visit our biotechnology laboratory and exchange ideas.

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