S2 Service Learning

Working closely with the Boys' and Girls' Clubs Association (BGCA), a Beach Clean Up Event was held on 17th April with the participation of S2 students. Divided into two groups, they cleaned up the Lung Kwu Tan and Siu Lam Beach respectively. Through the activity, students had a better understanding of the source of marine litter and its damage to the ecosystem. At the same time, the enormous amount of marine waste collected raised the student’s awareness of the seriousness of the issue regarding marine waste and the importance of marine conservation. With the growing awareness, students were encouraged to reduce waste at source.

Class 2F is about to start the Beach Clean Up Event.
A photo group of 2E after the event
Students are cleaning up the beaches and plenty of plastic waste is found.
Students are measuring the weight of all the waste collected.
Back at the school, students reflect on the event during the debriefing session.

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