School Events

CGC S3 Seminar on 'Senior Secondary and Subject Selection'

In order to help our S3 students and parents understand more about Senior Secondary Elective Subjects Selection, a CGC Seminar for Parents and Students on 'Senior Secondary Elective Subject Selection' was held on 13 June, 2020. Mr. To from PLK Vicwood K.T. Chong Sixth Form College and other elective subject teachers were invited to our school to have a sharing with our students and parents.

2nd Staff Development Day

The staff development day was held on 15 January 2020. Green Sense, a charitable institution came and conducted a workshop about 'DIY Lip Balm'. It helps raise the awareness on using cruelty-free products, i.e. no animal testing has been done. Teachers had fun in the activity.

Teachers are measuring ingredients for making the lip balm.

Biotechnology Research and STEM Education Meeting

Our Principal, Dr. Alice Chan and 2 Science teachers had a fruitful meeting with Professor Yung Hou Wong on 23 Jan 2020. It is our great honour to have Professor Wong as our director of the STEM and biotechnology development. A lot of great ideas and important information were shared and discussed in the meeting.

The attendees of the meeting:

We arrived at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

MTR Community Art Gallery Exhibition

Our students joined the MTR Community Art Gallery Exhibition in November and December. Artworks of S1 students from last year were exhibited at Lai Chi Kok Station and Mei Foo West Rail Station respectively, showing the effort of students.

F3 Positive Thinking Sharing Activity

The Positive Thinking Sharing Activity was successfully held for S3 students after first term examination. A talk and handmade gifts workshops were held to promote the importance of appreciation and positive thinking. Students and teachers prepared different handmade gifts for the needy so as to contribute to our community. It was a fruitful day for both students and teachers.

Our guest speaker, Mr Chan, delivers a talk about positive thinking to our students in a humorous way.

F1 Personal Growth Training Day Camp

F1 Personal Growth Training Day Camp was successfully held in late January after first term examination. Students had a fruitful day in the day camp. There were various team building tasks and evaluation sessions to enhance students' leadership ability, team spirit and resilience. They had the opportunity to be master chefs to prepare lunch for their groupmates and they enjoyed the food. Students and class teachers had a fruitful and memorable day.

This is teamwork! 1A students are standing on a narrow bench from shortest to tallest.

S2 Job Simulation

All S2 classes had the Job Simulation Workshop on 21st January. The students had the opportunity to try different kinds of jobs. They benefited a lot from the job simulation and tried to think more about their life and career planning.

Students were acting to be a veterinarian in the workshop.

Green School Workshop for teachers 1920

In order to equip our teachers with teaching skills and knowledge about environmental protection, a Green School Workshop was conducted for them on Staff Development Day dated 15th January. Ms. Ho and Eva, the speakers from Green Sense, provided the talk and workshop for the teachers.

A short talk about the cruel animal testing is given by the speaker of Green Sense.

Workshops for the EdUHK Caritas Field Report Competition 2019

This year, 10 students from class 3A, 3B and 3C participated in the EdUHK Caritas Field Report Competition 2019. Two workshops were offered to the participants on 2nd November and 14th December in Tseung Kwan O and Cheung Chau respectively. Through the workshops, our students were able to learn the issue-enquiry approach, skills of conducting research, such as data analysis and sampling.

A group photo was taken in the Tseung Kwan O Study Centre of the Education University of Hong Kong.