School Events

Career Visit 3 - HKYWCA (Sports Therapist)

In order to increase students’ exposure to different jobs, the Careers Guidance Committee has been providing visits for students. This time, students visited the HKYWCA (Hong Kong Young Women’s Christian Association) on 22/04/23 and were introduced the job of being a sports therapist. During the visit, students were taught the procedure of helping an injured patient. They learned how to help the patient by applying the correct bandaging skills. Before the end, they had a tour around the centre. Overall, it was a fruitful experience for students!

The host introduced the difference between a sports therapist and a physiotherapist.

A Seminar on Emotion and Health

The seminar on Emotion and Health was held on 20 April 2023 (Thursday). It was an engaging and informative event that was held for our S3 students. The seminar was organised in the school hall, with speakers from PLK Student Support Services. The seminar discussed different types of emotions, including positive and negative emotions, and how they can affect our physical health. The students were asked to share their experiences with emotions and how they affected their health in the past.

A student was answering a question.

Retreat Day

In order to help students to relax, to learn how to manage emotions, and to strengthen class cohesion, let students develop good communication skills and teamwork spirit, Retreat Day was held on 17th March 2023. Zentangle workshop, Mosaic workshop and Inter-class adventure activity were held on that day. It was a fruitful day for both students and teachers.

Congratulations to students winning in English story-telling competition

It is our honour to congratulate the students winning in the English story-telling competitions final held by Educational Development Association of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Bay Area. Our school has also won the most enthusiastic participation in the competitions among all. The students gained a precious and valuable experience in their learning process which were assets to them too. Throughout such an encounter, not only can students establish friendship among themselves, but they also have boosted their self-esteem well.

1A Andrea Ho has won the Merit award in story-telling competition.

MCNEC Assembly: Green Life

The external organization held a talk on the topic of green living and how to avoid food waste. The talk lasted for about one hour and students attended were from form 2. The lecture started with the teacher's introduction of food standards around the world, and the students spoke enthusiastically and expressed their opinions about the discarded food. After that, the teacher introduced the current situation of food waste in Hong Kong and asked the students to share their stories about the food waste they saw.

The teacher was introducing the categories about food waste.

Science MAKER fortnight: Try the 25th

In order to enrich students’ experience in Science and creativities, our school organised a competition during the MAKER fortnight. Students designed the complete circuits with different shapes using metal wires. Overall speaking, students enjoyed the MAKER fortnight activity arranged by Science Team. Winners from 1A, 2A and 3A are chosen by all the students and teachers.

The students were thinking of a creative design.

S1 Chinese Cultural Talk

In order to raise students’ awareness of the Chinese cultural and widen their horizons in learning the uniqueness and diversity of the Chinese culture, the school organised a talk for all form 1 students on 9th February 2023 and the school invited the guest Mr TSANG Tak-sing, GBS, JP who was formerly Secretary for Home Affairs of Hong Kong SAR Government (2007 to 2015).

Our school principal issued Certificate of Appreciation to Mr TSANG Tak-sing,GBS, JP.

2022-23 1st Term Maker Prize Presentation Ceremony

The 1st Term Maker Prize Presentation Ceremony was held on 24th March, 2023. We would like to grab this opportunity to congratulate our outstanding students who have achieved highly participation in the Maker Fortnight and Maker Festival. Students participated in wide ranging activities, including ITS Calculation, Science – Try the 25th, Math – Rubik’s Cube and the Easter egg design. In Secondary 1, we are proud to announce that the first position goes to class 1B. In Secondary 2, the first position is awarded to class 2E.

The S1 first position goes to class 1B

Maker Fortnight: Science Department

In preparation for the Maker Festival on 18th March, the Department of Science and Science club prepared a workshop “Try the 25th” on 13th March to teach students how to make a buzz wire game, the designs were put to a voting during the Maker festival. Students were also able to play with a giant version of the game prepared by the Department of Science during the festival.

A group making their buzz wire game