School Events

Life-Wide Learning Day 2021-2022 (Physical Education Department)

A fencing experiential event was organized by the Physical Education Department on 24 June 2022. We were honoured to invite a well-known fencing coach Mr. Lam Hin Chung, Antonio to our school to introduce fencing and demonstrate its techniques. Students not only learnt the basic understanding of fencing, but also learnt some simple basic skills, including footwork and attacking skills. Students also carried out a series of physical activities. They responded enthusiastically and actively participated in various activities.

Life-Wide Learning Day (English Drama)

The Life-Wide Learning Day was successfully held on 24th June, 2022. In The English Drama Activity, native English-speaking tutors came to the College and had interactive speaking practices with students of class 2D, 2E and 2F. In the 3-hour activity, students were highly engaged in practising drama skills in English. All of them were motivated and attentive.

Students were eager to introduce themselves through acting in the warm up game.

2122 S.3 Parents' Talk

On 27th June 2022, the 4th S.3 Parents’ Talk was held at the college. The Vice Principals and colleagues from both Tong Nai Kan Junior Secondary College and Vicwood K.T. Chong Sixth Form College were invited to introduce the graduation requirement and selection of elective subjects in Senior Forms. Parents were listening to the talk at the hall, while students were watching the livestream in the classrooms. Students were reminded to work hard and obtain a pass in their final exams. Class teachers also gave advice on choosing electives.

Due to the pandemic, the school adopted social distancing measures to make sure that parents were not too close to each other during the talk.

2122 CGC LP Mentorship Program (Form 1)

On 15th June 2022, a Life Planning Mentorship Program was held during the class teacher period in the morning. Class teachers of Form 1 asked students to reflect on their learning this year, how they could improve and how to make a decent revision timetable for themselves. Thanks to the efforts of class teachers, most students were engaged in the lesson!

Students were asked to reflect on their learning in the 1st Term and how they could do a better job.

2122 CGC LP Education Enrichment Program (Form 1)

On 31st May 2022 and 8th June 2022, the Life Planning Education Enrichment Program was held for Form 1 students. Students were asked to think about their hobbies, possible subjects and ideal jobs in the future. The planning was important as it was designed to help students making plannings in advance. Most students found the event meaningful!

Students were actively engaged in the lesson!

2122 CGC Job Simulation (2nd Term, 3D, 3E, 3F)

On 24th June 2022, a job simulation workshop was held for Form 3 students. Students from Classes 3D to 3F were introduced the jobs of being voice actors, nurses as well as kindergarten teachers. Students tried their best to acquire different skills needed for different occupations. Overall, they found the workshop meaningful!

The instructor was asking if students were interested in voice acting.

2122 CGC Job Guessing Sessions (2nd Term)

On 17/06/2022 and 21/06/2022, two job guessing sessions were held for students during the morning class teacher period at school. Based on the riddles on the Keynotes, students were required to guess the correct occupations. It was also a chance for students to learn the English names of various jobs. In the end, most students actively participated in the sessions!

 The class teacher was trying to explain the rules of playing the riddle game to students.

The Genuine Discussion Between Parents and the Principals

A Genuine Discussion Between Parents and the Principals was held on 18 June 2022. The event was a nice opportunity for the Principals, teachers and parents to share their enrichment strategies to support students' learning. Both of the Junior and Sixth Form Colleges are going to offer consolidation courses and productive activities to help students to recover both academically and physically from disrupted periods of distance learning.

The Genuine Discussion Between Parents and the Principals was held on 18 June 2022.

Whole School Community Service Learning (Class 3A, 3D and 3E)

To facilitate positive development and unleash potential of our students, Class 3A, 3D and 3E participated in a Service Learning Activity on 28 June, 2022. Due to the pandemic, the activity was conducted in online mode. They have had a chance to communicate with the disabled from Sham Shui Po Integrated Rehabilitation Centre. It is a great opportunity for our students to learn how to organise an activity and communicate with the disabled.