School Events

CGC S3 Seminar on 'Preparation on promoting to SFC'

In order to help our S3 students and parents understand more about promoting to PLK Vicwood K.T. Chong Sixth Form College (SFC), a CGC Seminar for Parents and Students on Promotion to SFC was held on 12 Nov, 2019. The Vice Principal, Ms Ng and the Careers Mistress, Ms Kwan from PLK Vicwood K.T. Chong Sixth Form College were invited to our school to have a sharing with our students and parents.

The Mills Visit

A visit which was held by History Club to The Mills was successfully held on 31st October. The Mills provided a brilliant guided tour for our members. The tour guide took us to look around the place with vivid descriptions of the history of the building. The tour was splendid and students had a deeper understanding on heritage preservation, urban revitalisation and Hong Kong manufacturing history.

The guided tour at the Mills is about to begin.

First Term Book Fair (2019-2020)

The first term book fair was organized by the school library on 13 November. We aimed at cultivating reading habits among students and establishing reading atmosphere at school. Different kinds of books were displayed, such as fictions, novels and a biography etc. Students could enjoy and read the books that they like. The book fair was a great success since many students came and participated in the event.

The girl is reading in the book fair.

Halloween fever has spread around the school and students were enthusiastically gearing up for the celebrations that culminated on November 5.

The annual English Department Halloween party is one of the most popular events on the school calendar. This year's event fell on Tuesday, November 5. The school hall was transformed and students enjoyed a lunch recess of fun-filled spookiness! A group of ghosts, spirits, witches and dinosaurs walked in the school hall instead of students. The spooky atmosphere however didn't scare away the fun. Creative costumes, music, games, and - of course - the candy guessing game was the highlight of the event.

The students had a wonderful day wearing their costumes and participating in various activities during lunch recess in the hall.  Happy Halloween!

The 16th Annual General Meeting of the Parent-Teacher Association

The 16th Annual General Meeting of the Parent-Teacher Association was smoothly held on 8th November 2019 (Friday) evening. Our Principal, Mr. Wong Chung Ki, gave a welcome speech which expressed his sincere appreciations to the Association for arranging remarkable activities and cooperating with School on many events and occasions last year. The Chairperson of the 15th PTA, Ms. Kitty Tam presented the Annual Report and the Financial Report. The report of Ms.

The PTA holds an Annual General Meeting each year which all parents and teachers are invited to attend.

Prize Presentation of the "Create Your District" Competition 2019

This competition was organized by the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors. Our Form 3 students proposed to renovate a building complex that is next to K11 into a museum-cum-youth hostel. Their proposal got the Merit Award in the competition, and the prize presentation was held on 2 Nov, 2019.

Chatting with Principal During Free Reading Session

All S.3 students are invited to have a conversation with the principal about the school life and school policies. Five groups have finished so far and the remaining groups will take turn to chat with the principal in the coming months.

3E Group 1 had an interesting and interactive chat with the principal.