School Events

MakeX Starter Robotics Competition

Our Robotics Team has completed the MakeX Starter Robotics Competition with flying colours. Among the 4 teams joining the competitions, 2 teams have won the individual champion while the other team has won the 1st runner-up. Thanks to the joint efforts of all teams, our school was honoured with the Overall Champion School award. The 2 winning teams have earned the opportunity to compete in the upcoming regional contest in Thailand.

The robotics team has completed the competition with flying colours.

Life-wide Learning Day: A Visit to the Tuen Mun Public Riding School (Hong Kong Jockey Club)

Situated in Tuen Mun, the Public Riding School is the largest public riding facility in Hong Kong. On the Life-wide Learning Day (19/05/2023), our students in classes 1E and 1F had the opportunity to visit the school and different horses. During the visit, students were introduced the operation of the riding school. They treasured the opportunity to ride on horses. It was an unforgettable experience for most students!

Students are introduced how horses are fed in a horse riding stable.

Life-wide Learning Day

With a view to enriching students’ learning experience and consolidating what they have learnt in various subjects, the Life-wide Learning Day was held on 19th May (Friday). On that day, students fully participated in different learning activities and they enjoyed a pleasant and meaningful morning.

National Education Talk

On 19th May, 2023, we are pleased to invite Mr Ho Kwan Yiu from the National Security Education Centre to our school. During the day, the students were taught about the topic of national security in a systematic way. Throughout the talk, students learnt about the pivotal significance of having Hong Kong National Security Law and kept up with the updated information in relation to the development of China.

Mr Ho Kwan Yiu was invited to deliver a talk on the topic of national security.

S3 Job simulation 2022-23

In order to help Form 3 students understand more about their career paths, a job simulation session was held by Careers Guidance Committee (CGC) on 19 May 2023. The students had a great opportunity to perform tasks that are related to different occupations (physiotherapist, veterinarian, accountant, voice actor, reporter, kindergarten teacher, ambulanceman and doctor). They had a taste on their dream jobs in order to understand about the job duties more. They really enjoyed the activity.

The instructor was teaching students how to be a voice actor.

S3 Parent Talk 4 (2022-2023)

The 4th S.3 Parents’ Talk was held at the college on 18th May 2023. Careers Guidance Committee invited Ms. Ng, Vice Principal of Po Leung Kuk Vicwood K.T. Chong Sixth Form College and a tutor from Edvenue to deliver a talk to S3 students and parents. The contents of the talk were about SFC admissions procedures and policy and some tips on using the student’s individual report from the life-planning enrichment program.

Mr. Ma, the career master introduced the rundown of the third S3 parent talk 4 to parents and students.

S2 Life Wide Learning Day: Po Leung Kuk Museum

S2 students made a visit to the Po Leung Kuk Museum in Causeway Bay. During this visit, students had the opportunity to learn about the significant contributions made by Chinese elites in Hong Kong during the 19th century. By appreciating the museum's exhibits and interactive displays, students gained a deeper understanding of the social, cultural, and political landscape of this pivotal era in Hong Kong history. This trip provided a unique and immersive learning experience, allowing students to connect with the past on a personal level.

Students and teachers are having a group photo.

Visit Hong Kong Museum of History in Life Wide Learning Day

Chinese History department organized a visit to Hong Kong Museum of History for the students as the Life-Wide Learning day  was held  on 19 May 2023. The students' visit to the Hong Kong Museum of History has benefited them a lot and is pleasing to the eye. The knowledge they learn is endless and interesting. It is simply a treasure house of knowledge and worthy of our deep thinking.

Students took a photo together in the exhibition hall of the Museum.

S2 PBL and S3 Research Thesis Presentation Day (2022-2023)

The S2 PBL and S3 Research Thesis Presentation Day was held on 12 May 2023. The theme of this year was “Solving everyday problem / Enhancing quality of life with STEM”. S2 and S3 students were divided into groups of five different areas: Math, Science, DT, ITS and LT. They presented many amazing ideas to all teachers and students, including S1 students. This project presentation opened an opportunity to students to learn from each other.

Mr. Kwan was giving a briefing to students on the rundown of the presentation day.