Careers Guidance Committee




1. To provide students with quality life planning education and career guidance service which are aligned with their developmental needs.

2. To empower students to make informed and responsible choices on their learning, career goals and other aspects leading to a meaningful life.

3. To better prepare students for actualising individuals’ potential through pursuit of their personal/career goals.

4. To assist parents to help their offsprings to make life planning and career decisions.



1. Enhancing students’ awareness and development on life planning with quality education. 

2. Assisting students in life and career planning and management. 

3. Facilitating career exploration and development of students. 

4. Enhancing staff’s professionalism in life planning in line with school’s further development.


Chief Careers Mistress         : Ms Leung Pui Fan (梁佩芬助理校長)

Careers Mistresses               : Ms Wong On Nei (黃安妮老師[Further Studies Team & Certification Team],

                                               Ms Lam Ka Yan (嘉欣老師) [Careers Exploration Team]

Careers Teachers                 : Ms Wong Kee (王淇),

                                                     Mr Ma Kai Sing (馬啟聲老師),  

                     Mr Sze Chik Ki (施積奇),

                     Ms Ng Tsz Ying (吳紫瑩老)

Assistants                             : Mr Chan Kin Fung, G.O. Ms Letitia Lee, G.O. Ms Winnie Fok


Committee Structure and Plans


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B) Vocational Training:

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