S2 PBL and S3 Research Thesis Presentation Day (2022-2023)

The S2 PBL and S3 Research Thesis Presentation Day was held on 12 May 2023. The theme of this year was “Solving everyday problem / Enhancing quality of life with STEM”. S2 and S3 students were divided into groups of five different areas: Math, Science, DT, ITS and LT. They presented many amazing ideas to all teachers and students, including S1 students. This project presentation opened an opportunity to students to learn from each other.

Mr. Kwan was giving a briefing to students on the rundown of the presentation day.
S1 students paid attention to the presentation conducted by their senior students.
This group designed a smart lock system in order to help people who always forget to bring the key.
Teachers were asking questions about the presentation and gave some good advice for improvement.
Students were very active to raise questions.