S3 Life-planning Education Enrichment Programme 2022-2023

On 4th January 2023 and 15th February 2023, the Life-planning Education Enrichment Programme was held by CGC for S3 students. As S3 students need to choose elective subjects studying next year, the content of the workshops was related to their future studies and jobs. The tutors guided the students to think about the future. Most students found the event useful to them!

The tutor told the students what requirements they should fulfil to study the elective subjects.
Students were conducting a questionnaire to find out which elective subjects were suitable for them.
The requirements of different university programmes were introduced to S3 students.
The tutor guided the students to complete the informative game.
Through this game, students started to think about the best combination of elective subjects they should select in order to study the university programmes.