Silver Jubilee School Musical 2022-23

On 21st July 2023, the school celebrated its silver jubilee with a school musical. Principals and students were invited to the musical. The event started with Principal Wong’s welcome address. It was followed by a video about a wonderful dimensional travelling story of our alumnus and pianist Ms. Lam Yin Yu, Vicky, returning to her alma mater TNK. After the video, our students of the Drama Team showcased their talents by acting, singing, and dancing throughout the event. The vivid portrayal of characters impressed the audience. Overall, it was a great performance!

Principal Wong gives a welcome address to the audience.
A music video is played before the musical. Ms. Lam Yin Yu, Vicky, an alumnus of our school and a pianist, plays the piano in the video.
Student performers act in the musical.
Student performers sing and dance on the stage.
Student performers thank the teachers, student helpers as well as the audience in the curtain call.