Career Visit 1 (2022-23) - A Visit to the University of Hong Kong

In order to provide students with an opportunity to experience the school life at university, our school arranged a visit to the University of Hong Kong with students on 8th October, 2022. 10 students took part in the visit. After the arrival, they had a guided tour conducted by our teacher who was also a graduate of the HKU. They visited various places, including Centennial Campus, Sun Yat-sen Statue and Luk Yau Tong. Students were well behaved during the trip. Some of them said that they would work hard to get into universities!

Students took a big photo on the Centennial Campus of the HKU.
Our lovely student took a photo with the statue of Loke Yew, a benefactor of the university.
Students were asking how they could obtain good grades and get into the University of Hong Kong.
Students were having a big photo at Loke Yew Hall.
Students were introduced the history about the Run Run Shaw Heritage House and took a big photo.