Careers Guidance Committee Code for Impact Challenge Workshop 2023-24 (Junior Achievement HK)

In order to help young people develop thinking and coding skills, the Careers Guidance Committee invited students to a life planning workshop titled 'Junior Achievement : Code for Impact Challenge - Innovation Camp & Coding Workshop' organized by the Junior Achievement Hong Kong on 24th February, 2024. Students were introduced the concept of 'Design Thinking' which helped them identify the needs of the elderly and ways to help them. In the afternoon, they were also taught basic coding skills via an app called 'Python'. In April, students have to create an app to help the elderly via the app 'Python'.

Overall, it was a meaningful event for students.

After learning ‘Design Thinking’, students discuss ways to help the elderly.
This student tries to write down ways to design an app to help the elderly.
Our student listens to a volunteer from the business sector.
Students try their best to learn coding skills.
Students and the teacher have a group photo together.