2nd Staff Development Day

The staff development day was held on 15 January 2020. Green Sense, a charitable institution came and conducted a workshop about 'DIY Lip Balm'. It helps raise the awareness on using cruelty-free products, i.e. no animal testing has been done. Teachers had fun in the activity.

After that, three parallel workshops on Action research, iBooks and Educational videos were carried out. Dr Ellen Zhang, The Education University of Hong Kong, Ms Li, Mr Woo and Mr Ma were the tutors for the workshops. Thanks for all their efforts in giving teachers fruitful inputs to prepare for the work this year.

Teachers are measuring ingredients for making the lip balm.
These lip balms look great!
Ms Li is teaching teachers how to prepare for an iBook.
Mr Ma and Mr Woo are teaching teachers the skills in making educational videos.
Dr Zhang is giving feedback on the teachers’ suggested questions for the action research.