Assembly Talk Series by School Educational Psychologist

In the 1st Term, our school's educational psychologist, Miss Lee, has given a series of talk to our students on various important topics related to students. Form 1 students were introduced the 24 character strengths. They tried to appreciate their own areas of strengths and learnt how to utilise them to overcome obstacles. Form 2 students learnt about the uniqueness of people and how we can solve everyday interpersonal conflicts. Finally, Form 3 students have taken a closer look at different sources of stress and how they can be handled properly. Through this series of talks, we hope to develop a more positive mindset among students and equip them to face different challenges in daily life.

Form 1 students try to find out their character strengths through activities in the talk.
Students actively respond to the speaker’s questions in the talk.
The speaker challenges students to stand on one foot in order to understand everyone may have different areas of strengths.
Form 2 students are invited to have a role play on how to maintain positive interpersonal relationships with their peers.
Form 3 students are taking a self-check survey about their level of stress.