Biotechnology training course for teachers from PLK Riverain Primary School

A teacher sharing workshop was held on 23rd September 2021 in order to provide training on basic biotechnology techniques for 16 teachers from PLK Riverain Primary School. This is a pre-teaching course for teachers to learn how to deliver the concept of biotechnology to secondary school students. Two experiments (Bacterial culture and DNA extraction from strawberry) were conducted during the workshop. The theory and the importance of serial dilution in biotechnology were also introduced to the participants. This training workshop received overall positive feedback from the participants.

Dr. Alice Chan was introducing the training workshop.
The participants were listening to the student helpers' instructions on the experiment.
Student helpers were demonstrating the experiment to the participants.
The participants were doing the experiment with the assistance of student helpers.
Dr. Alice Chan was showing the use of multi-channel autopipette and its application in food testing.