Dream Tec Visit (11 May 2021)

DreamTec Research Limited is one of the leading Hong Kong based biotechnology firms. DreamTec has been developing cutting-edge applications in biotechnology, including valuable recombinant proteins, stem cells, 3D bio-printing as well as exosome. DreamTec Research Limited's Scientific Officer, Dr. WU Kam Chau, and Chief Business Development Officer, Mr. Elman CHEUNG, visited our school on 11 May 2021.

Our Principal, Mr. WONG Chung Ki, extended his warm welcome to our guests, introduced our school and showed him around our school campus. Dr. Wu and Mr. Cheung shared their experience on biotechnology research, joined one of our S1 biotechnology lessons, and discussed with our Biotech Team on arranging visits and practicum opportunities to actualize the potential of our students.

Dr. Wu and Mr. Cheung were joining our S1 biotechnology lesson.
Our Principal, Mr. Wong, was introducing our horseshoe crab program.
Mr. Cheung was introducing DreamTec to us.
A group photo was taken in our BioTechnology Laboratory.
Our Principal was showing the guests our school history.