Halloween fever has spread around the school and students were enthusiastically gearing up for the celebrations that culminated on November 5.

The annual English Department Halloween party is one of the most popular events on the school calendar. This year's event fell on Tuesday, November 5. The school hall was transformed and students enjoyed a lunch recess of fun-filled spookiness! A group of ghosts, spirits, witches and dinosaurs walked in the school hall instead of students. The spooky atmosphere however didn't scare away the fun. Creative costumes, music, games, and - of course - the candy guessing game was the highlight of the event. Apart from all the Halloween music and food, we haunted the school hall with mummies, skeletons, hanging ghouls and giant spider webs. Everyone had a great time and we look forward to another successful event next year too!

The students had a wonderful day wearing their costumes and participating in various activities during lunch recess in the hall.  Happy Halloween!
It was a delightful day and all the students looked amazing in their Halloween costumes!
The Native English-speaking Teachers prepared lots of fun and games to make everyone enthusiastic and participate.
The Halloween mystery box game grossed students out in good fun.
Students wanted to dazzle everyone else by winning the big bag of candy in the Candy Guessing Contest. It’s an easy game that’s always a big hit.