Learning & Teaching Expo 2021

Our school participated in the Learning & Teaching Expo 2021 held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from 8 - 10 December. During the 3-day exhibition, we displayed our achievements in Biotechnology and STEM education. Many visitors from different schools and other education-related industries came to our booth. Many of them were particularly interested in the superworm research conducted by our biotech research team. The Expo also provided an invaluable opportunity for our students to share with the public their first person experience in the learning process. Besides the exhibition booth, our Associate Principal, Mr. Yeung, and College Lecturer, Dr. Chan, were also invited by the organizer to share our achievements and experiences in promoting biotech education and gifted education at the InnoSTEMer seminar.

Our research team members are introducing their research with a visitor.
Visitors are also interested in our curriculum design in biotech education.
Dr. Jimmy Wong, Executive Director of the Hong Kong Academy of Gifted Education, visits our booth.
Achievements in biotech research and other areas in STEM are displayed at our booth.
Mr. Yeung and Dr. Chan share our school's experience at the InnoSTEMer seminar.