Learning & Teaching Expo 2023

Our school has participated in the Learning & Teaching Expo 2023 held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. During the 3-day event, we shared with the visitors our latest development and achievements in STEAM education. Student ambassadors introduced to our guests experiments they have done in the biotechnology lesson and research, as well as prototypes of their Project-Based Learning (PBL) projects, which were on display in the booth. Our school is also honoured to be invited to speak at the InnoSTEMer seminar to introduce the Resource Package we have developed in the Biotechnology Education Program. We are grateful for all the feedback, professional exchanges, and encouragements from guests who have visited our booth.

Our student ambassadors are introducing the exhibits to Dr. Jimmy Wong, Executive Director of the Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education.
Dr. Stephen Sy, Former Chairman of Po Leung Kuk, is listening to our student’s introduction on the experiments.
Ms. Carmen Choi, our school manager, visits our booth at the Learning & Teaching Expo.
Dr. Chan shares with visiting teachers and guests about our Resource Package on Biotechnology Education Program.
Many guests have visited our booth at the Expo over the 3 days.