Life-wide Learning Day: Visit to HKSTP and Coding Workshop

On Life-wide Learning Day, the Faculty of STEM arranged 40 Form 3 students to visit the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks (HKSTP). Students learnt about the development of the HKSTP and how start-up companies grew at the HKSTP. Students visited the experience lab of Sensetime, where they learnt about how AI and AR technology were developed and applied. Finally, students also attended a coding workshop to learn how to make an app with AI function. The activity aimed to extend students' learning in STEM beyond the classroom, and let them know more about the development of the industry in the real world.

Students visit the experience lab of Sensetime at the HKSTP.
Students are very excited to finally have an outing under the pandemic.
Students learn how to make a simple app at the coding workshop.
Students enjoy driving the car a lot!
Students have fun with an app that puts different costume on them using AR technology.