Life-wide Learning Day: A Visit to an NGO and Design Thinking Workshop

The Faculty of STEM has arranged students to attend a design thinking workshop and visit Playscope, a children playground operated by Playright, on the life-wide learning day. As part of the JYC Girls' Impact Foundation's CareerXplorer Programme, the activity provided new insights to students on how design thinking and STEM-related knowledge can be applied to real life situations. After visiting the children's playground, students exercised their creativity to design one and make a prototype of it at the workshop. Students had much fun and learnt more about the work of an NGO from the activity.

Students design a children's playground at the design thinking workshop.
Students have fun when they visit Playscope.
Students also learn about careers at an NGO in the event.
Students are discussing ideas about their playground design.
Students are striving for the best on making their playground prototype.