Motorcar workshop and visit to 5G Lab @ SKY100 (Lifewide Learning Day)

The Faculty of STEM has arranged a STEM Motorcar Workshop and a visit to 5G Lab @ SKY100 for 2 classes of Form 3 students on the Lifewide Learning Day. In the Motorcar Workshop, students needed to work together and assemble a motor car. They then tested the performance of the car using different tyres. Students learnt about how friction works in racing in their experiments. Students also visited the 5G Lab @ SKY100 Hong Kong. Besides enjoying the city view on the 100th Floor of the ICC, students also learnt about how 5G technology is applied in different areas in the society, from public transportation to medical use, and saw how the latest development in communication technology improved our quality of life.

Students assemble their own remote-controlled motorcar in the STEM workshop.
Students test the car performance using different types of tyres.
Students learn about how 5G technology is applied in our daily life at the 5G Lab visit.
Students try to remotely control a car at Cyberport from his driving seat in SKY100.
Students also enjoy the city view from the Observation Deck.