Parent-child STEM Workshop with PLK Dr. Jimmy Wong Chi-Ho (Tin Sum Valley) Primary School

Our school has welcomed 15 pairs of parents and children from PLK Dr. Jimmy Wong Chi-Ho (Tin Sum Valley) Primary School to join a 2-day STEM workshop. In the program, our gifted students from science team and technology team have served as instructors to teach the participants how to make their own UVC light sanitizers. Our students also delivered knowledge behind so that the participants could know more about virus and bacteria, and the theory behind disinfection. With the help of our students (and teachers), the participating parents and children have had a great time cooperating with each other in the process. They all took home with them happily a hand-made device with their family photo engraved on the cover by laser printing.

All participants take home happily with their own hand-made sanitizer.
Our student helper instructs the participants on setting up the experiment.
Participants need to code and make their device controllable on a mobile phone.
Participants are very interested in our students' superworm research.
Student helpers have a debriefing to reflect on what they have learnt as an instructor in the activity.