S2 & S3 Talk “Traditional Careers vs Newly Emerged Careers”

Healthy School Scheme is carried out by DGC and MCNEC throughout the year. A talk themed “Traditional Careers vs Newly Emerged Careers” was held on 16 June by Po Leung Kuk for Form 2 and Form 3 students as one of the activities. Some newly emerged careers such as Key Opinion Leader (KOL), Esports player and a new model for work/life success “SLASH” were introduced. A guest speaker was invited to share his experience as a freelance and a YouTuber. Finally, the students were encouraged to equip themselves and set goals to strive for their future.

The talk was conducted by Mr. Lee, a registered social worker from Po Leung Kuk.
Students are trying to answer questions and get a prize.
Students are watching a video which is about the life of a “SLASH”.
The guest speaker is sharing his life as a “SLASH”.
Students were listening attentively in the Talk.