Sky X Family: A visit to the Aviation Center, Tsing Yi IVE

On 19th April 2024, students paid a visit to the Aviation center in Tsing Yi IVE (Institute of Vocational Education) to understand more about the aviation industry and the career path of being a flight attendant.


Students greatly enjoyed the visit. They realized that being a flight attendant is more than just simply serving passengers on a plane. Flight attendants will also be involved in ground operations to make sure the boarding of each flight is safe and smooth. During the visit, students were also introduced to some of the equipment on board, such as first aid kits exclusively for doctors, oxygen tanks, life jackets, and smoke hoods. They also had the chance to learn some of the rules when serving passengers.


Overall, students had a great time learning about the career pathways to become a flight attendant and they also had a glimpse of the campus life in Tsing Yi IVE.

Students take a group photo in front of Tsing Yi IVE.
Students are introduced to different learning facilities.
Students are introduced to some of the equipment on board of a plane.
Students are learning about the ground operations of a flight attendant.
A student is learning how to serve passengers with the catering cart.