STEM Summer Program: Combating Virus

During the past year, we always hear different things about virus and how to keep us safe from it. We are told to wash our hands frequently and always use alcohol sanitizers to clean our hands. What is the theory behind? In our STEM Summer Program this year, students learnt the science about virus and bacteria. Through experiments, they could see how much bacteria was around us and the effect of sanitizers. Students also made their own smart UVC sanitizers, which could help sanitize their gadgets, such as smartphones and keys. From the Program, students extended their learning in regular classrooms and saw how science and technology were applied in our daily lives.

A student is collecting samples in the school campus for the experiment.
Students are learning how to code their smart UVC sanitizer.
Students are preparing for the experiment to test the effectiveness of their device.
A smart UVC sanitizer made by the students in the Program
Students present what they have learnt in the Summer Program.