STEM Talk: Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence

We are happy to have invited the education volunteer team from the Bank of China (Hong Kong) to our school and deliver a talk on blockchain and artificial intelligence. The talk enhanced our students' knowledge about the latest technological development. Volunteers from BOC(HK) has brought to our students not only basic knowledge on these two topics, but also a sharing on how technology is now being used in the banking and finance industries. In the simulation game, students could also have an experience of how Bitcoin transactions work. Students learnt beyond their regular curriculum and had a glimpse of what the future of financial technology may be like.

Students and volunteer team from BOC(HK) are posing for a group photo happily.
Students are interested in knowing more about the topic.
The concept of Bitcoin and blockchain are introduced in the talk.
Students are taking part actively in the Bitcoin simulation game.
Mr. Yeung presents a souvenir to the representative from BOC(HK) volunteer team.