T.N.K. Drama Team win Prizes in HKSDF

Tong Nai Kan Drama Team has won an Award for Outstanding Cooperation in Hong Kong School Drama Festival 2021-2022. Our drama was a delightful and amusing piece about a robotic teacher who teaches unruly students moral values and earnestness. Congratulations to winners of Awards of Outstanding Performer Gurung Samir and Limbu Nugay Hang Pahim who enlivened the story of the AI teacher and his naughty disciple.

This student was preparing for the drama performance in an earnest manner.
This student brought the drama to life by speaking with confidence!
This student conveyed his emotion with the use of body language and facial expression.
The A.I. teacher dressed up and spoke like a qualified teacher!
This female student was telling the adjudicators her thoughts about the performance.