Visit cultural heritage of Tai O

Chinese History department organized the activities for the students in 18 February 2023. The theme of the learning activity was named "Cultural Study Field of Tai O".

The aim of Chinese History department to organize this learning activity is to make our students awareness of the history of Tai O and make the student respect of Cultural heritage of Tai O. Without the doubt, the students gained a valuable opportunity in understanding the history of Tai O through this study field.

Students arrived at the destination.
Students took  a photo at the entrance of Tai O temple.
Students admired the view of cultural heritage of the temple .
Students worked on the worksheet as they viewed the cultural heritage.
“Kwan Tai Temple” is known as God of War Temple or Memorial Temple of Lord Guan Kwan Tai Temple  in Tai O started in 1488. After a century’s inheritance, it became popular in Tai O and in oversea Chinese communities. Students were impressed by the heritage of Kwan Tai Temple.